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Because love is pretty much insanity, right?

Taylor (default name) has had an interesting life. Anything paranormal in this world that you can think of, Taylor has witnessed. Werewolves? A pack lives out in their yard. Vampires? One probably attempted to kidnap them last Tuesday. Spirits? A demon lives in his attic, a poltergeist in the kitchen, and a shadow person takes turns running the dishwasher with them. They don't know why weirdness is drawn to them, it's just all they know. As a means of coping, they’ve grown rather bored by it.

The library in the basement of Taylor's house is also an interesting phenomena. The contents change every few hours or so, and hold every type of media you could possibly imagine. The only shelf that never seems to change is the shelf containing the works of HP Lovecraft. Fitting, really.

One day, after a somewhat peaceful morning, they go down to the basement to find that the Lovecraft bookshelf has changed, if only slightly: a purple book sits on the shelf, where it wasn't for years prior.

Upon opening the book, a purple-haired girl climbs out. Making a strange declaration about Taylor's nature and an even stranger declaration about matricide, she whisks them away to another dimension. Along the way, maybe Taylor will learn about the nature of their existence, about the tension building in the lives of these new goddesses around him, maybe even find a way to stop the universe as we know it from decaying into nothingness.

Or, you know, they could die. I guess there's only one way to find out.


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This is just the demo for Lovecraft, but it will bring you a close experience to what the final game will be like. There are a few different features in this version including:

  • Trophys you can unlock
  • 2 hours of gameplay
  • Original art, story and music
  • Avaliable for Mac and Windows

We've all worked very hard on this, and would appreciate any feedback or ideas for the game! If you enjoyed it, supporting us is appreciated but not mandatory!

If you support us with $5+, you can get  20+ HQ in-game art! And not only that but 14+ other wallpapers from other artists [Temachii, Senpaibuns, Yukirunran, etc] please support them as well!


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Lovecraft-1.0-mac.zip 264 MB
Lovecraft-1.0-pc.zip 281 MB
Lovecraft_GameART_Wallpapers.zip 97 MB
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Just streamed this and I have to say, I was definitely expecting something fun, but what I didn't expect was how quickly both my viewers and I got attached to these characters. I cannot wait to see the full version (especially to learn more about the mysterious white-haired lady because, despite only being in a single scene, she was my absolute favorite.)

Super glad you enjoyed it so far!  :D Thank you for the feedback!

I just want to say. It's Cool

i already like the mindset of the main character ill update allong the story :D

heather is best girl.... try to grab pancakes? those are for master ill slice your troath

btw just becuz i wanne get the specific endings what choices inflounce that?

what do the pillars do btw?

fun game i have to say mysterius plot i'm interested

Pretty good

I freaking love the game. The storyline and the characters are perfect! I can't wait to play the full version! 10/10 would recommend this game if you're into rpg games 😁

(Heather all the way!) 


I'm really glad you enjoyed it! >w<


lovecraft, more like MINEcraft

I download it but I couldn't find it in any of my folders :(

I've downloaded the game, yet cannot find an application folder to play it. If anyone knows how to fix this, please tell me.

(1 edit)

If you're on Windows: There is a folder in the zip called Cthulhu-1.0-pc, and inside that folder is Cthulhu.exe. That should be it.

If you're on Mac: The app folder is the app to run. An application on a Mac is just a folder with the .app extension. You can run it from there or drag it into your Applications.

I been Playing On OSU! so ill try this one XD


can't wait to play it